The Mexykan Supper Club. Wood Fired Pit Roasted Pork Ribs and Belly.


The Mexykan Supper Club.

February 1st, 2014



Experience Puerto Escondido’s Best Food.

Join us at The Mexykan Supper Club, February 1st!

Causal Dinner, Great Atmosphere Poolside in the Garden.

Tonight’s Menu and Staff Deliver Another Unforgettable Culinary Experience.

The Mexykan Supper Club menu us not complete yet.

However, the main dish will be Wood Fired Pit Roasted Pork Ribs and Belly,

Rubbed and Crusted with Dried Chiles, Spices.

served with Meyxkan BBQ Sauce – Thick, Sweet, Tangy, Red Chile, Citrus.

The Mexykan Supper Club Menu

  • Fresh Roasted Locally Grown Peanuts/Cacahuates – garlic, chiles de árbol.
  • Crispy Fresh Veggies and Spinach Dip – chiles chipotle en adobo, lime, cilantro.
  • Black Eyed Pea Salad – extra virgin olive oil, coriander, roasted chile habanero, ajo
  • Crunchy Coleslaw -toasted black mustard and caraway seeds.
  • Rajas de Chile de Agua – strips of roasted chiles, onions, lime, oregano.
  • Potato Salad – bacon mayonnaise, brown mustard, celery, onion, garlic.
  • Wood Fired Pit Roasted Pork Ribs & Belly – red chile rub, secret spices,
  • Mexykan BBQ Sauce – chiles, citrus, local organic heirloom tomatoes, spices
  • Mexykan Chocolate Chip Cookies

When you arrive at the supper club sure to ask for a specialty cocktail that is being developed specifically for this menu by professional NYC bartender. I’ll be posting the cocktail when it’s finished. I’m so excited about this!

If you are a vegetarian or do not eat pork. Contact me directly or use the comment section below if you prefer when making your request for reservations.

Please fill out the Form Below to Request Your Reservations to Join Us at The Mexykan Supper Club.  Saturday, February 1st @ 7:00 p.m. – 250p all you can eat while it lasts. And once again a big thanks to you all from the dedicated service staff, your tips are greatly appreciated!

Ice Cold Beers, A Specialty Cocktail made just for this event. Margaritas Available.



Please fill out the Reservation

Request Form Below.

Whole Pork Shoulder in the Wood Fired Pit Roaster.



This Special Culinary Event is Open to the Public.

Simply Request Your Reservation to Join Us Now!

Please Note – There is Only One Seating and Service Time at 7:00 p.m. Menu Subject to change*




*Please Click Here for Information about

The Mexykan Private Chef Services.*

Please scroll down and then click the SUBMIT button after filling out the form.  A new page will appear confirming your Name, Email and any other information you have entered with your request.


Reservation Requests confirmed via email.


Thanks To Everyone for All of Your Support!

 I am Truly Grateful To Have This Opportunity To Create and Serve Within The Community of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca.


Please Fill Out The Reservation Request Form Now!

About The Mexykan

A Gabacho Chef in Mexico
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