The Mexykan Private Chef and Catering Service

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The Mexykan Private Chef & Catering Service.

Private Chef and Catering Service in the Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca area.

Featured in EnViva Magazine. 

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Excerpt from EnViva. Author Brian Overcast.

“MI MISIÓN IMPOSIBLE: EL MOLE Un desafío más me esperaba en Puerto Escondido: aprender a hacer mole. Igual que con el surf, que nunca me imaginé capaz de practicar, jamás pensé que podría pasar de abrir un frasco de mole y agregarle caldo, a prepararlo desde cero. Como ya había acordado reunirme con mi maestro de mole en el mercado, me perdí la preparación del ceviche de sierra, aunque Luis me aseguró que cualquier huésped puede entrar a la cocina para ver cómo se prepara una variedad de platillos. Son pocos los turistas que se aventuran hasta el mercado de Puerto Escondido, pero vale la pena el paseo, aunque sea sólo para comprar un poco de mole o chocolate para llevarle a la familia y amigos. Mientras saboreaba un licuado de guayaba en Jugos Vanessita, llegó mi maestro, Tony the Mexykan. Tras las debidas presentaciones, fuimos de compras. Él se movía sin prisa, a velocidad costeña, agachando su cuerpo de 1.93 metros”

 Are looking for an extraordinary culinary experience on your vacation? Are you interested in local and organic foods? Do you want to experience the tastes, sights, sounds and aromas of Oaxaca?

Look no further, you have found the answer.

 Hire The Mexykan. 

The Most Highly Recommended Private Chef in Puerto

Escondido to help you create the most memorable Vacation or

Fiesta for your Family and Friends.


Do you require a special diet? Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore, Omnivore? No Problem!

The Mexykan gladly welcomes and is happy to serve everyone with special dietary needs at no extra charge.  Please contact me using the form below for more information.


The Mexykan is a versatile, innovative,

responsible, informative, fun, adaptable, and

dynamic talent ready to create culinary

delights just for you and your family?


Contact me today.


I can help ensure that you, your family,

your friends and clients have a great experience

on your next vacation in Puerto Escondido!


Creative Culinary Solutions for Visitors and

Residents of Puerto Escondido, Zicatela, and Beyond.


The Mexykan Cooking Classes & Market Tours.

Casa Tres Azules
Sunset at Rancho la Parota.


The Mexykan Offers Unique and Yet Familiar

Culinary Creations.


Expertly Prepared, Healthy

and Delicious Meals.


The Highest Standards of Food Safety and

Sanitation in the Industry.


  Nobody wants to get sick on their vacation, so why chance it?


The Mexykan Utilizes Only the Finest and

Freshest of Ingredients Found Along the

Southern Pacific Coast of Oaxaca.


The Mexykan Private Chef and Catering Service Offering Heirloom Tomatoes, Locally Grown Herbs, Fresh Caught Fish and Seafood. Locally Grown Vegetables, Chiles, Poultry, Pork, and Beef.

29 + years in the Hospitality Industry. 16 plus years of Experience Living, Cooking and Studying The Culinary Traditions and Cultures of Mexico Along the Southern Pacific Coast of Oaxaca and Beyond.

Give Your Spouse a Real Vacation Away From and Out of the Kitchen!

Contract The Mexykan to Take Care of All Your Private Chef

and Catering Needs.

6 Responses to The Mexykan Private Chef and Catering Service

  1. The Mexykan says:

    Jeff Z.

    Cambridge, Mass.


    To whom it may concern
    It is with great pleasure that I recommend
    Anthony (“Tony”) Beatty.

    He served as our cook in Puerto Escondido during a delightful week in March 2013. Our party consisted
    of myself, my wife, my two teenaged children and one of their friends.
    Tony was responsible for cooking and food shopping for us. In addition, he took us on several food
    shopping tours of the market area for Puerto Escondido.

    From a dietary perspective, our party may have challenged Tony. My wife suffers from celiac disease –
    she requires a gluten free diet. In addition, my older daughter’s friend was
    a vegetarian. Several weeks before the trip, Tony & I emailed back and forth
    as he suggested menu options. He was inventive, particularly given the unique aspects of
    locally available food stuffs. Ultimately, he prepared a varied, healthful and
    simply fabulous weeklong menu for us.

    Tony always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility.

    He was great to talk to, flexible and easy going.
    He worked hard. He was in the kitchen early preparing
    meals from scratch. He was dependable – meals were served on time.

    He was also an enlightened guide through the complex market places of Puerto
    Escondido. It was clear that he had developed many productive working relations with
    numerous venders and small store owners.

    Best of all, the food was great.
    It was fresh, tasty and filling. My daughters have been
    known to turn away from foreign dishes. Tony introduced them to a variety of local
    vegetables and fruits to great acclaim.

    I am delighted to provide my

    Yours Truly,
    Jeff Z.

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