The Mexykan Supper Club April 4th Dinner Menu

Green Cardamom Pods

Join Us @ The Mexykan Supper Club for another entertaining evening of great foods, fun and friends.


Green Papaya Salad   

shredded green papaya, spicy vinaigrette


Roasted Chicken

garam masala


Sautéed Fish Fillet

preserved lime butter sauce


Basmati Rice Pilaf

saffron, cardamom, cassia, clove, cumin, black pepper


Roasted Carrots

ajowan seed, garlic



sour yogurt, cumin, black mustard seed, carrot


Tamarindo Chutney

tamarindo, coconut, cumin


Coconut Ice Cream

coconut, green cardamom, fresh ginger, cream


Please use the form below to make your reservation for another fantastic evening at The Mexykan Supper Club,  Wednesday April 4th.  Starting around 7:00 pm.  250p service/tip not included

Please fill out the reservation request form and I will confirm your reservation via email.

Please click the SUBMIT button after filling out the form.  A new page will appear confirming your Name, Email and the information you have entered for your reservation.

Thanks and See Ya’ll Soon!



About The Mexykan

A Gabacho Chef in Mexico
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2 Responses to The Mexykan Supper Club April 4th Dinner Menu

  1. Looking forward to dinner on the 4th

    maybe I will a couple others from Casamar!

    cheers willits

    • The Mexykan says:

      Hey Willits,

      looking forward to seeing you all here!
      If you have not already filled out the reservation form on the website, please do so as soon as you know the number of guests. You can always update the number by just sending me an email.

      The Mexykan

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