The Mexykan Supper Club Presents A Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Inspired Dinner

Join Us On Wednesday November 30th at The Mexykan Supper Club for a Family Style Dinner.

This evenings event at The Mexykan Supper Club will kick off around 6:00 pm.  A Generous Specialty Cocktail is included plus Agua Fresca.  250p propina not included.

All of the delectable foods are inspried by cuisines from around The Mediterranean and The Middle East.

Please fill out the Reservation Request Form Below.  In order to assure a seat please be sure to make your reservation as soon as possible, as seating is very limited.

The Menu Includes

  • HUMMUS:  Pureed Freshly cooked Garbanzo Beans, Homemade Tahini utilizing 100% Locally Grown Sesame Seeds aka Ajonjoli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Juice of Limon, Fresh Garlic, finished with Tangy ground Sumac from Lebanon.
  • BABAGANOUSH:  A puree of Smokey Grilled Eggplants, Roasted Garlic, Homemade Tahini made with 100% Locally Grown Sesame Seeds/Ajonjoli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Lime Juice.
  • MORROCAN CARROT SALAD:  Fresh Carrots, Toasted Cumin and Corinader Seeds, Raisins soaked in Orange Flower Water with a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Fresh Lime Juice.
  • KARRAT:  Fresh Leeks Braised and Caramelized in Savory Homemade Chicken Stock.
  • KOOSABIL:  A Casserole of Fresh Zucchini layered with Seasoned Ground Lamb topped with a Traditional Rich and Creamy Bechamel Sauce.
  • SWISS CHARD AND GARBANZO BEANS:  Earthy Garbanzo Beans and Green Swiss Chard Stewed in Homemade Chicken Stock.
  • ROASTED POTATOES:   Potatoes Roasted with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Seasoned with Toasted Cumin, Ajowan and Garlic.
  • SUMAC ROASTED CHICKEN:  Fresh Locally Grown Chicken Seasoned with tangy Lebanese Sumac, Fresh Garlic and Toasted Coriander Seeds Roasted in Puerto’s Only Horno de la Tierra aka Earthen Pit Oven.
  • CITRUS GRILLED FISH:  The Freshest Locally Caught Fish Seasoned with Toasted Coriander Seeds, Zest of Fresh Mandarin Oranges, Fresh Garlic, Crushed Dried Red Chiles and Extra Vigin Olive Oil.
  • HOMEMADE PITA BREAD:  Traditional White Wheat Flour Flat Bread.
  • YOGURT SAUCE:  Thick, Sour and Tangy Yogurt with Fresh Garlic and Mint.
  • WALNUT-ORANGE BUTTER COOKIES:  Homemade, Melt in your mouth Butter Cookies with Lebanese Orange Blossom Water.
  • HOMEMADE ICE CREAM:  Deliciously Decadent As Always.
  • POMEGRANATE COCKTAIL:  Sweet and Tangy Pomegranate Molasses Based Cocktail.

Please fill out the reservation request form and I will confirm your reservation via email.

Please click the submit button after filling out the form, a new page will appear confirming your Name, Email and the number of people requested for the reservation.




About The Mexykan

A Gabacho Chef in Mexico
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One Response to The Mexykan Supper Club Presents A Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Inspired Dinner

  1. The Mexykan says:

    I want to send out a huge wave of gratitude to all of you that were at The Mexykan Supper Club Event
    yesterday evening. It was a real pleasure to have you all here and I look forward to seeing you at the next Mexykan Supper Club Event.

    Tony aka The Mexykan

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