The Mexykan Supper Club October 27th, 2012

Rolled Roasted Pork Belly, aka Porchetta

The Mexykan Supper Club October 27th, 2012

Come and Join Us for Another Delicious Dinner Event at Puerto Escondido’s First and Only Supper Club.

Real Food for Everyone that Lives to Eat and Loves that Down Home Goodness.

Expertly Prepared Foods from Locally Sourced Ingredients.


  • This time I am keeping the exact menu a surprise.
  • We all will have to wait and see what I do with what I find at the market.
  • Cacahuates and Chiles from Tomatal
  • Salad
  • Cold Soup
  • Crispy Rolled Roasted Pork Belly- seasoned with Fresh Herbs served with Mandarina Manzana Chile Pasilla BBQ Salsa
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes or Pumpkin
  • Sautéed Fall Greens
  • For Dessert Double Chocolate Sorbet made with Cacao de Oaxaca.
  • Aqua Fresca


 Make your reservation today!

Please use the form below to reserve your seats to Join Us at The Mexykan Supper Club.  Saturday, October 27th @ 7:30 p.m. 275p I.V.A. included.  Less than 22 usd including taxes. And once again a big thanks to you all from the service staff, your tips are greatly appreciated!

Please fill out the reservation request form and your reservation request will be confirmed via email.

Please scroll down and then click the SUBMIT button after filling out the form.  A new page will appear confirming your Name, Email and the other information you have entered with your request.

See Ya’ll Soon!

About The Mexykan

A Gabacho Chef in Mexico
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2 Responses to The Mexykan Supper Club October 27th, 2012

  1. Nancy Forslund says:

    Tony – The menu sounds absolutely delicious. Will be in Puerto next month and hope to have one or more of your wonderful meals. Cheers. Nancy

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