Who Is The Mexykan?

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Who is The Mexykan?

Great Question, who is the Mexykan? The Mexykan has been in the hospitality business for over 25 years. He has worked in private clubs, corporate restaurants, hotels, catering and as a personal chef. While enrolled in the hospitality management program at JCCC he started working for the University of Kansas Boots Adams Alumni Center club as a dishwasher. He worked his way through all the positions in the kitchen to become sous chef before moving on to the corporate world. Here he learned and put into practice traditional French culinary techniques with Executive Chef Wick Poore.

Gilbert/Robinson, Inc. was the next stop for The Mexykan where he worked in the front of the house at the fast paced and upscale Fedora a bistro on The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri. He has fond memories of working with Dave Garner the former general manager at Fedora. Dave along with his wife Mary now own and operate The Wildwood Grill in Southlake, Texas near Dallas.

Looking for something different The Mexykan went to work in the front of the house at The Rockhill Tennis Club in Kansas City, Missouri. A unique experience in one of Kansas City’s oldest and most exclusive clubs.

Kansas City is famous and known for its smoked BBQ. And in that vein after graduation from JCCC with a degree in Hospitality Management, The Mexykan became general manager of The Hickory Chick BBQ and Smokehouse which was located at 87th and Blueridge Blvd. in KCMO. The Hickory Chick smoked thousand of pounds of beef brisket, slabs of pork ribs, baby back ribs, pork shoulders and roasted hundreds of chickens every week to the satisfaction of many a guest. The Hickory Chick is where The Mexykan perfected his skills in the art of smoking meats, fish and poultry and where he honed his management skills.  Sadly, The Hickory Chick closed due to a devastating fire.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire!

After smoking himself nearly to death The Mexykan was enlisted as general manager of the Mobil Travel Guide 4 Star awarded restaurant The Toledo. A full blown French restaurant with table side service complete with flaming drinks and waiters. Under new management, the restaurant has graciously been transformed into the more casual HK’s at The Lodge of Four Seasons on Lake of The Ozarks.

The Mexykan left the corporate world for good to become a caterer and personal chef.  Here he was happy to serve clients his unique style of food along with detailed personal attention. While catering and working as a personal chef he was hired to manage Kansas City’s newest downtown upscale coffee shop The Java Daily, which was located close to the former Folgers Coffee Plant in the Historic Garment District. The Java Daily was a unique concept for downtown Kansas City at the time. The Java Daily had newspapers available to read from around the world and locally roasted coffees. The Java Daily was also the first internet cafe in downtown Kansas City, a concept way ahead of the times for the mid-1990’s.

After surviving the turn of the new century he moved to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico from Kansas, hence the moniker of The Mexykan. After many years researching and cooking the foods of Mexico, Oaxaca in particular, The Mexykan is back at his old trade in the hospitality business. Now he’s teaching traditional Mexican regional cooking, plus cooking his own evolving and unique culinary style along the Southern Pacific Coast of Mexico in Puerto Escondido.

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  1. Mike and Rita Thomson says:

    Mike and I spend a couple of months each winter in Puerto Escondido and would like to subscribe to your updates and hopefully join you for a dinner in January, February or March. Do you usually host dinners during these months? Your menu for Apr.28th looks delicious, especially the tichinda mussels. Wish I could be there!

    Rita Thomson

    • The Mexykan says:

      Hi Rita, thanks for the inquiry.

      And the answer to The Mexykan Supper Club holding dinners in Jan, Feb and
      March is a big Yes.

      We look forward to seeing you and Mike when you return to Puerto.

      The easiest way to stay in contact with The Mexykan is via facebook and
      The Mexykan website.

      You can get updates on facebook by ‘hitting the ‘LIKE’ button on

      Also you can subscribe to my blog and website by entering your email
      address in the area to the top right of the screen on http://www.themexykan.com

      The area to enter your email is below the photo of the flowers, with the
      reference to The Mexykan facebook page.

      And yes, I keep your email private and never sell, rent or give it away.

      I’m with you on the tichindas! They are really plump and juicy this year.

      We will be thinking of you all when we are eating them.

      Thanks again and look forward to seeing you next season.


      The Mexykan aka Tony

      • Muriel Kramer says:

        Tony, Would you be interested in giving me cooking lessons? It may be a little challenging because I’m a vegetarian and I’m interested in learning how to prepare vegetarian Mexican cuisine. Thanks, Mimi (Muriel)

        • The Mexykan says:

          Hi Muriel, thanks for the great question.

          I would be happy to teach you some vegetarian Mexican dishes.
          I am an omnivore and eat a lot of veggies in addition to meat, fish and poultry.

          Are you currently in Puerto Escondido?


  2. Muriel Kramer says:


    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I’m planning on returning to Puerto at the end of December, and I hope to stay for most of the winter. I’m excited that you’re interested in giving me lessons. Mimi

    • The Mexykan says:


      you are very welcome. I hope you can return and stay most of the winter, it’s a paradise here in Puerto Escondido. I have a full time private chef job over the holidays in December through the first part of January. At the moment it looks like will I be available for some lessons after that.

      Keep in touch and let me know when you are arriving in Puerto Escondido.
      We can work out the details then.

      Keep up to date with the website. Please enter your email on the right hand side of the page and hit the subscribe button. You will be automatically sent an email when I post new menus, etc…on the website.

      Thanks again!



  3. Hi Tony…I’m the producer of the iPhone travel app Puerto Escondido Travel Essentials ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/puerto-escondido-travel-essentials/id526126015?mt=8 ) and would love to stop by to gather editorial info on the supper club for the next release ( scheduled for October). There is no cost to be included. Do you have an email address or specific hours? I’ve checked the website and Facebook page but still not certain. I love the menu for Independence Day BTW!. You can reach me at info@michelepeterson.com

  4. Muriel Kramer says:

    Thanks Tony, the timing sounds fine and I will definitely stay in touch. I love Puerto too and I’m planning on making it my winter home. I had already entered my e-mail on your subscription list, but thanks for the recommendation. Good luck with the catering work!-M

  5. Andy Engelbrecht says:

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the like on Facebook. Be sure to list The Mexykan on our site – IT’S FREE! And ask your customers to review their experience. By doing so they’ll go into the draw to win a surf trip worth $5,000!

    Any questions let me know.

    Best Regards,

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